Our Services

GTI proudly provides the best service in antenna inspection, engineering, field services, manufacturing,...

Our Equipment

GTI specializes in working with various types of Broadcast equipment. Our experienced team of riggers

Wireless Division

GTI America has a dedicated wireless division with crews specialized in todays modern wireless antenna systems and installation.

Our Team

The GTI team is comprised of reputable industry experts with substantial hands-on experience...

GTI America

GTI America provides engineering, supply, installation, testing and maintenance services for the broadcast and wireless industry throughout the U.S.A.  GTI America specializes in working with broadcast antennas, towers, wireless towers and antenna systems and ancillary equipment. Its mission is to consistently supply quality products and services, while maintaining the highest possible standard of professionalism. GTI America also focuses on the importance of safety, and provides all employees with the necessary training and equipment to maintain a safe work environment.

  •  Our crews and equipment are capable of working on any tower
  •  Experience and equipment to work on heavy broadcast antennae
  •  Planning, construction and maintenance of AM, FM & TV stations
  • Wireless Division dedicated to tower construction, modification and antenna systems installation

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